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Brian, our straight guy, answered the ad and we knew we had him. He was so shy we couldn`t even believe he was interested in making cash this way. We knew that he was the type to just go with the flow because he was too quiet to protest.

Our bait boy “Diablo” really loves his job. He just can`t quit seducing these poor innocent straight guys, and we don`t blame him one bit. We know that once these men are horny enough they`ll bust a nut with almost anyone, anywhere.

We threw these two guys in a room together and told them the sad news. “Sorry guys, girls can`t make it. But, we have some "bi" stuff you can do together for double the pay...” Diablo didn`t waste a minute. He`s been through this scenario enough times to know what to do. He dropped to his knees and crammed Brian`s thick man piece down his throat. He wanted to really get this straight boy going. He sucked and sucked just enough to almost push Brian over the edge, but instead, our mischievous bait boy thought he would see how far he could make Brian go. He held Brian`s head to encourage him to continue to suck his throbbing, rock hard cock.

Inside we knew Brian was very ashamed of doing this, but with Diablo ramming his massive cock down his throat he couldn`t really say anything - literally. We just love fucking straight men over and so do our young and sexy bait boys.