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JACKPOT!!! That word really describes Christian Ramos, the straight victim we tricked this week.

We saw his personal trainer ad in the local paper and couldn`t resist. Christian Ramos was called upon by our videographer to assist him with workout routine. We knew we could get this guy to do anything because he had nothing to be ashamed of.

This stud was just pure sex! Tall, dark hair, dark eyes, ripped body, sexy face, huge cock, and the list goes on. We were so hot for him we didn`t know what to do first. All we knew is that we couldn`t let this hunk get away. So we didn`t want to freak him out too bad. Well just yet anyway.

We wanted to start out by having him strut his stuff and show off for the camera. Christian was all about showing everything off including his 9x5 uncut cock! Since we are such caring people here we thought we would let him take a shower and cool off a bit. Of course only if we could video tape it.

Now that he was a little more relaxed we figured we would get the party started. We popped in a straight porn and got this guy all horny. He worked the camera and his cock until his squirted a huge hot load across the room. And we mean squirted! You won`t believe how much spunk this Latin Adonis had in him!

This is one video that you will be watching over and over again. You have my word....