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Audi is one hot guy from the heart of Georgia and great for bait. Believe it or not he actually has a girlfriend back home but she doesn`t know he`s bi.

He comes across very straight so we have no worries our straight guy will find out. Well at least not yet. He’s your average young stud, always horny and ready to blow.

Christian on the other hand worried us a little. This guy spends all his time in the gym and it pays off. He is just ripped and smooth from head to toe. How were we going to deliver the bad news, the girls are a no-show once again, to this buff stud.

We had the guys strip down and work their cocks up. Audi pulled out big 9" cock and started stroking it. For once in his life I think Christian felt intimidated. He couldn`t get his juicy piece up enough to move on to the girls. Maybe he needed a little help and that’s what Audi was there for.

It didn`t seem to bother our straight guy, Christian, too much. Our bait, Audi, bowed down before this big muscle jock and started slurping his plump dick. Could we get this guy to skip the girls and just fuck Audi’s nice round ass?