Bait: Paolo
Straight: Cody Lee
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Today our innocent straight victim is Cody Lee. This blond hair, hazel eyed, muscle jock is taking a wrong turn by stopping by our studio looking to make a quick buck and leave with a good fuck! He just doesn`t know what we have in store for him and is about to find out.

If our very own hot-jock Paolo isn`t at it again. He is always up to no good trying to trick innocent straight guys into trying out a little guy on guy action. There is nothing he loves more and we don`t blame him one bit! We love bringing out the gay in straight men just as much as he does. Of course he also has the help of our sexy diva Mason Storm. This girl is a gay man trapped inside a woman`s body because if there is one thing so loves in life it`s watching gay sex!

Paolo started getting all flustered when this stud ripped off his shirt revealing one HOT BOD!!! Damn was this guy ripped! He must have never missed a day in the gym for the last 10 years.

Find out what happens when Paolo and Mason try to seduce this muscle god? I’m sure you will enjoy every moment of it just as much as we all did!