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At first we weren`t so sure that Cody was all that straight. He was such a pretty boy but he had to be if he answered a straight ad, right?

Recently moving to Florida, this Boston stud really needed the extra cash. When he found out there were no girls he was willing to still jack off but had his heart set on ramming his big piece into some hot pussy.

Jamie our bait boy is such a good player he offered to help out so that they could both get paid. Only Cody wasn`t so pleased with the idea. Maybe Cody was completely straight? How could he pass up a cute, smooth bodied, 18 year old with a big thick dick and a tighter hole than any pussy?

Well after trying to convince him for several minutes it was obvious that he just wasn`t comfortable anymore and he took off. Our cameraman went looking for him and after listening to our ever so contrived logic our straight guy decided to give it a try.

We had a lot of ideas in mind so we figured we would start off slow and just let bait boy Jamie break him in. If we get him worked up enough you never know, this straight boy may just switch it on us and break Jamie in, a hole is a hole, so does it really matter?