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Colin Williams is our new blood. Even though he loves sex, loves women, and loves money, he`s never done porn. He`s a dark haired, dark eyed, tattooed stud, who says he has to jerk off at least twice a day! When you see this straight guy`s cum shot you`ll see just how much all his practice paid off! It`s rare we see a guy shoot a good 6 feet...

Rusty Stevens is the big man on campus and I mean BIG! He`s tall, handsome, and ripped from head to toe! Rusty started out in the industry totally straight and with a girlfriend but it wasn`t long until the money got the best of him. Now a Gay 4 Pay pro, he`s just the man to use as our new bait.

Of course something always has to go wrong and the girl can`t make it but lucky for our straight guy we have other options. Once we suggested that Colin and Rusty could interact with each other, Colin`s nerves started to get the best of him. "I would never have a dick in my mouth" Colin said. So Rusty being the pro he is, took charge and started sucking Colin`s cock. Colin didn`t know what to do. He just sat back, closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. But Rusty isn`t done just yet, check out what else he teaches our straight guy to do!