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Don`t ask dont tell is the slogan for this video.

Just when we thought things couldn`t get any hotter, two of the sexiest guys show up at our studio looking to do porn. Of course one of them is our bait and the other is an innocent straight guy. The funny thing about it is that our bait just happens to be in the Army!

We start off with military stud Brody Newport. He is going to be playing our bait boy. This guy is ripped from head to toe and hardly had a hair on his body. His head was clean shaved and the rest of him was just naturally smooth. He wasn`t here for the money, he came here to get a big fat straight cock rammed up his rock solid ass. Brody had a nice sized cock too but the guy that we were pairing him up with didn`t seem at all like a bottom. Although you would never think that Brody spent his entire military training on his back either.

David Allen is our straight victim from North Carolina. Very cute guy with hazel eyes, brown hair, tan and toned, and topped off with a huge 9x6 cock! This cock was so big we knew if he did fuck Brody that there was no way he could take it all.

After the guys worked it up for the camera they didn`t want to leave without a happy ending and since no girls were around they would have to work with what they had. Could Brody talk straight guy Allen into fucking his tight hole? Come see for yourself!