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Eddie Marks is a real dream come true. This Latin Papi is has zero body fat, ripped body, sexy face, and a massive, massive, cock!

Eddie said he makes all the girls scream and we can see why. From his giant cock and that rock hard body you know this guy can throw one mean fuck!

Andy Bar is Eddie`s best friend and they have always thought about messing around only neither one had the courage to make the first move. Andy had long, wavy brown hair, awesome body, hot face, and a HUGE cock! Both guys were just perfect. No wonder the thoughts of playing with each other came up.

We wanted to play with them too. It`s not uncommon that we run across childhood friends and upon interviewing them we discover that both have always wanted to mess around but they just never had the guts to make the first move. We`ve also had guys that messed around long ago but after many years passed by they figured it was a thing in the past or something they shouldn`t act on again. That`s why we are here. To give them a little boost.

These two guys were locked and loaded. They just needed a kick start so that they could unload. That is exactly what these guys did. Let`s just say the loads were massive!