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Straight: Egypt
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Ever seen a cock so big you didn`t know what to do with it? Well if you haven`t this is your chance.

You won`t believe the straight boy that walked through the studio door looking to get into straight porn! This guy had a cock that will blow your mind and make you blow your load!

AG moved to the US from Israel and after his long journey he needed some cock! This hot Israeli stud needed to have his ass plowed and he needed it now! Standing 6`3", nice hard body, sexy eyes, and a fat cock that needed some release, we had to help him out. After searching forever for someone to pair him up with our new victim walked through the door.

Egypt came in wanting to try out for straight porn and get some pussy. This British stud had been saving up his load just for the video shoot. Hopefully he won`t get too pissed off when we tell him that the girl isn`t showing up.

We knew this was the answer to AG`s prayers. We had Egypt take off his clothes only to reveal one perfect body! He had a rock solid body, sexy Latino skin, dark hair and eyes and then we saw his 11" COCK!!!

AG knew if this happened he was going to get the fuck of his life. Could he take all 11 inches that Egypt had to offer. Would Egypt be able to even stuff this thing in AG`s tight man hole? Come check out the madness as it unfolds right in front of your eyes!