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Eli Duran is our new straight victim. There is nothing better than watching a hot Latin jock spilling his "baby batter" on another hot Latin guy.

Eli is one sexy man. He`s going for the rough shaved head look, nice and smooth dark skin, sexy smile, and a huge, fat, juicy cock!

Mario is our bait boy. He doesn`t have a hard time getting these straight men with his sexy looks. He`s tall, slim, toned, dark hair and eyes, and a nice rock hard booty. Mario doesn`t waste anytime with these guys either. He likes to get right to the point and down to business.

With the help of our fabulous and always sexy Brianna, it shouldn`t be too hard to get Eli to try something new. Actually we already know it won`t be hard to do. These young guys need to get their rocks off and at their age it won`t even matter who it`s with.