Bait: Adam
Straight: Eric
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Eric, our straight victim, came in to the studio all dressed up. He had been out looking for a real job but ended up in here looking for a good fuck.

What more could a straight unemployed guy ask for than to wander in to a studio to bust a nut with a hot chick, and even better getting paid for it.

Well we didn’t have the chick but we did have some hot dick for him. Question his how will he take it when we tell him that`s all we have? Adam, our bait boy, was starting to squirm once he saw what Eric had to offer between his legs and just couldn`t wait to get a taste of his big, straight, man piece. Eric seemed to be on the laid back side but was this going to be too much for this ripped stud?

We all have our preferences but Adam didn`t care what Eric`s reaction would be, he wanted that huge cock and he was going to get it one way or another. As Eric sat there on the couch working his meat up, Adam`s wheels were turning. It only took a few seconds before his big cock started to swell. We knew what was going on inside that head of his or both heads for that matter. Nothing can stop Adam now!