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Gabriel answered our straight porn ad and was really excited to fuck a hot chick and get paid for doing it.

What straight guy wouldn`t be? This man was as straight as they come and so clueless as to what we were up to. Gabriel was kinda on the rough side and hadn`t shaved in a few days.

Another day another victim, here in Fort Lauderdale. We just can`t seem to get enough of some straight guy action and neither can Paolo. He`s always up for turning straight men and we love watching him work his magic on them. So we called on his expertise once again.

Paolo is one hot guy that most of you have seen on here quite a few times. He`s our hot Italian jock that lives in the gym. He has one hot body flowing with muscles and silky smooth. And did I mention his HUGE cock?

Paolo loves the rough kind. This tall, slender, guy had one nice cock too. But would he let Paolo have a taste?