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When Gregg answered the ad for straight porn actor, he seemed pretty laid back and easy going so we thought maybe he had done this before.

Little did we know he was just divorced for the 3rd time and now he was ready to make up for all the fucking he’s missed out on.

When he walked into the studio, his jeans were so tight it looked like his bulge was going to burst out of the front. We brought in TJ, our bait boy, pretty damn hot himself, but what can you expect though from a sexy young nightclub dancer.

The guys hit it off really well and were ready for the girls. Of course you know the rules, first we have to see how they can perform. We told them to strip down and show us what they can offer. They took their shirts off and the light glistened off their smooth ripped bodies, but when their pants came off we know these guys were meant to be porn stars! Both had huge, thick cocks and no trouble getting them up. Gregg was rock hard and ready for some new pussy.

When we told him the girls couldn’t make it, he was so disappointed. He had been saving his big load just for this and really needed to get his rocks off. TJ’s mouth was watering the whole time as he watched Gregg stroke his piece.