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Our latest straight victim is Griffin Dirk. This guy loves pussy and is dying to eat some.

Sporting the shaved head look, with an awesome body and huge cock he is ready to dive into some hard core action. Sorry Griffin I hate to break it to you but you`re not getting any pussy today. We have plenty of ass available but no pussy!

Allen Scott is our super hot bait boy. He loves nothing more than turning straight men. With his good looks, blond hair, blue eyes, sexy body, rock hard ass, and huge cock, we know he can do some damage! Normally he likes to take it up the ass but this time he is determined to stick his cock up some straight ass!

After pairing this duo up and having them strip down our straight guy didn`t seem too uncomfortable. It wasn`t long before Allen Scott had Griffin on the couch trying to get him to just feel his cock. Griffin slowly grabbed it as his face turned bright red. "Have a little taste", said Allen. Next thing you know Allen was choking Griffin with his huge cock. But wait...Is Griffin starting to enjoy this?

Come check out the drama we`ve created for you. It`s going to be a lot of hot action that you just can`t resist!