Bait: Paolo
Straight: Guedo
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Guedo is our straight boy who came down here from Maryland. Being a cook at Ruby Tuesday`s just wasn`t paying all the bills and he never had time to bust a nut.

When he came to the studio I guess he thought he would kill two birds with one stone by getting laid and getting paid. Little did this young jock know he was about to get more than he bargained for. He had one sexy body, dark hair and eyes, but the cock is what left our mouths watering.

Paolo was back to fulfill his duties and help another straight man find out that ass is ass. You all know Paolo very well now. If not he`s our hot, muscle jock, Italian, packin` one huge uncut cock.

Again with the help of Mason, our sexy, Latina, director, we will try to push this straight boy as far as he will go. Just how far will he go before he snaps? Come watch and see, it will leave you feeling hot!