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Wining these straight guys over is sometimes very hard work. When they find out the girls aren’t showing up they don’t always take the news lightly.

J.P., our straight guy in this scene, didn’t take the news well at all.

At first we thought our videographer was going to get his ass kicked, but once we got this angry New Yorker calmed down we offered him a chance to make even more cash - the only catch is he would have to go gay for pay. Even more pissed off he says “fuck it” and that’s just what he did. As our bait boy,Chance, dropped to his knees and swallowed the straight boy`s long hard shaft, JP kept his eyes shut and attempted to enjoy the ride.

Our producer wanted more and so did Chance. With another offer we wanted to see if J.P. would go further. It appeared we pushed this angry guy to his limit and we cracked him. He bent Chance over the couch and shoved his swollen cock up his ass. He was so pissed he took out all of his aggression on poor Chances ass. He was so embarrassed by giving in the he couldn’t even look him in his eyes. He rammed his cock in Chance as deep as it would go until Chance could barely breath. We thought we better let them take a break before someone got hurt. Chance wanted more but could we convince JP to finish what he started?