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Our latest victim "Jack London" came in to do some straight porn. This guy was hot but we were questioning just how straight he was.

He seemed pretty comfortable whipping off his clothes and getting naked in front of another man. Not to mention his wandering eye. He had a smokin` body and a really huge cock. 9x6 to be exact! What more could we ask for? We knew this wasn`t going to be too much of a challenge but just how far could we push this "straight guy?"

Mario Angel came back for another round. He had a blast seducing he last straight guy and is read to do it again. As a matter of fact it has been on his mind ever since and they only way he`s going to get it off his mind is to do it again and again and again. Mario is our sexy Latino bait boy but we don`t need to tell you that. With his good looks, sexy body, and huge cock, you would have to be crazy to turn him down. So far the straight guys haven`t said no. Could he keep this winning streak going? I`d say absolutely.

Of course we had the one and only sexy vixen, Mason Storm, on hand to help out in case our straight victims get a little uneasy when we try to get them to dive into some hot gay action. Could we pull it off again? Of course we can. Come check it out you won’t want to miss a minute of it!!!