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Same thing different day. The only thing is, we never get tired of it! We have been up to no good again and love every minute of it. I bet you will too! Just sit back, relax, and take a load off!

We start this video off with our super hot bait guy - Justin Hawke. This guy is hot, filthy minded, and just loves the idea of tricking straight men into some hot gay action. His looks really help out. Tall, tan, blond hair, and blue eyes. He`s just the guy we needed to seduce our straight man.

We paired him up with our straight victim Jarrod Steel. This guy was HOT! He came in and as soon as we saw his face we knew this would be good. He had a fuck me face on from the beginning. When he got undressed we saw a gorgeous body that he was hiding underneath those clothes. His dick and ass that was out of this world. You could definitely bounce a quarter of his rock hard bubble butt.

Now it was time for Mason Storm to break the bad news. Wait this time it was different. No anger from our straight victim. Instead he told us how he wanted to be fucked by a guy!!! We totally didn`t see this one coming. During his first interview all he talked about was getting it on with girls and how he was dying for some pussy. Looks like this time the jokes on us.