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Jeremy Holmes is our latest victim. Well not so much a victim since we didn`t get to let our bait boy play around with him.

Jeremy is one hot guy. He has that all American, straight guy look, with a ripped body and a nice package to top it off.

Sometimes getting both guys in the same room for a shoot can be tough. Normally it`s the straight guy that we have problems with but this time our bait was the one that chickened out. I guess he saw how big our straight guy was and feared the worse. Oh well it was definitely his loss. Man did he miss out…

Mason was there to help out. Since we had no bait guy for him to engage in gay sexual activities with, we had to see how far Mason could push him to doing some real kinky stuff. Come check out just how far she pushed this stud. Could we get him to shove a finger up his ass? Just watch what she got him to do.