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Jessie Alan is a total stud and a freak in the bed. Who would`t want to fuck this guy? He comes across like a smooth gangster and the first thing you`ll notice is his thug love tattoo, well his many tattoos. He had short spiked hair, blue eyes, killer body, and a HUGE cock! Jessie talks about the girls he fucks in the projects, tells us that they like getting fucked in the ass and he says he`s even licked a girl`s ass before. Maybe it won`t be too tough to talk this hunk into fucking a guy in the ass.

Krist Cummings is back again to seduce another straight guy. He loves guys with tattoos, big cocks, spiked hair, and a little rough around the edges. I think we`ve found the perfect guy for him. If these two hit it off and Krist gets the chance to bottom for Jessie, then we better get the ice packs on standby!