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Joe Dakota busted up into the studio in some serious need of pussy and cash. We had the cash and a wonderful piece of man pussy that we hope would meet his needs.

He had a sexy face and a rockin` body. His body was delicious! Smooth, silky, and tan, just the way we like them to be. Of course its what is below the belt of this straight man that our bait is after. Our bait wants cock and we want to see him get it.

Kenny Parker, who formally came out as "bi" after he was in a prior Bait video, was just who we needed to complete this experiment. With his sexy brown bedroom eyes, and boyish body we knew he would be the bait that our straight guy wouldn`t mind to take. Oh and did I mention this guys HUGE piece. Damn it was big, thick, and dripping before he had a chance to start playing with our straight guy. Hopefully Kenny`s rock hard piece wouldn`t make Joe too nervous.

Mason Storm was there of course. Taking in the sites and getting off herself at the thought of these two hot bucks getting it on.

After some juicy sex talk and seeing these studs rise to the occasion we felt this wasn`t going to be so hard or was it? You`ll just have to check it all out for yourself...