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Mario Angel has become a regular straight guy seducer here at the studio. These Fort Lauderdale men better watch out for him because if he gets his way they may be rethinking who they really are.

Joey Montana is our latest straight victim. He ended up in the studio like so many other horny and broke straight men. Just like the others he was also about to experience something new.

This jock had one killer six pack and his ass was so hard you could bounce a quarter off of it. Joey needed pussy so bad, his balls had built up more man goo than they could handle.

We knew Mario would be able to help him out and release some of his tension but getting this hetero guy to go along with it was another story.

Mason is every man’s dream girl and she knows just what to say to get their cocks throbbing just in time for our bait boy to come in and save the day. Would our plan for Joey work out or would he just take off leaving Mario empty handed?