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With the holidays coming up these straight guys are dying for extra cash to buy their girlfriends something nice. Well we have plenty of cash for them it`s just going to take a little effort and an open mind to earn it.

Jordan Michaels is our sexy bait boy once again. This guy is so hot you would almost bet any girl and guy would want to hit it. With his sexy looks, nice and tight hard ass, smooth ripped body, piercing blue eyes, and a big thick dick, what more could you ask for? Jordan is pure sex and all he thinks about it sex!

John Strange is our lucky straight victim. He was in need of some pussy. It`s been a while since he last busted a nut. We knew once we got him started he would have to at least jack off in the same room as Jordan just to get his rocks off. This guy had some fierce blue eyes, nice body, big cock, just what Jordan was in need of. From the moment he got undressed you could see the gears start turning in Jordan`s filthy mind!

Come and check out what happens next. Will Jordan get this straight guy to fuck his ass just like it was a hot tight pussy? Or will the tables turn and Jordan gets his chance at John`s tight virgin ass?

Come and watch it all, you won`t want to miss a minute of it! Oh yeah and make sure you have those tissues handy because you are definitely going to need them.