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Joseph called about our ad in the paper thinking he could fuck some pussy and make a few bucks.

This guy really needed it. He was a local Fort Lauderdale surfer by day and a janitor by night. Pussy wasn`t easy to get once the girls found out that he cleaned toilets for a living. He needed to change his image and what better way than becoming a porn star.

We found a hot, young, blond-hair, blue-eyed, bait boy named Scott to help our sexy surfer out. Scott was fucking adorable but could he lure this straight boy in and get the pleasure he also desired?

As the two sat on the sofa with sweat beading up on their toned, ripped, bodies we thought this would be a good time to deliver the bad news - well bad news for Joseph our straight victim. Our cameraman told them "no girls showed today" and just like we thought Joseph was very disappointed. He had worked so hard and got all horned up for nothing. Scott seemed to play along quite well, but it wasn`t as difficult for him because he knew in the end he would get what he wanted.