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Juan is our sexy straight Cuban boy who answered our classified to make some extra cash.

When he walked in we knew right away that this may be a tough one. What we didn`t know was just how buff this stud really was, nor did we know he was a kick boxer.

Gavin, our gorgeous bait boy, wanted a piece of this muscle jock so bad he couldn`t stand it, but he really started to get nervous when he saw what Juan had to offer under his clothes. He had nice big arms, a huge smooth chest, big thick thighs and a fat, rock hard cock to top it off. What more could you ask for in a guy? This stud was bulging from head to toe.

Gavin wasn`t so bad himself. This hunk looked like he came straight off the cover of a magazine with a nice toned smooth body, gorgeous face and a piece of meat that anyone would love to get their hands on.

When we told them the girls couldn`t make it they seemed a little unhappy, so of course we offered double the cash for a little guy on guy action. Well Juan wasn`t so happy about this either - he was ready to fuck everyone up. And mean words weren`t the only things tossed around the room – our furniture went flying too! It was a very dangerous and out of control situation. Were we able to tame this hot blooded, straight Latino fighter or was he the first to kick our ass?