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Julian our straight guy is from Venezuela and now living in Miami. He saw our ad and thought he would be stupid not to answer it. What straight guy would pass up getting some pussy and better yet, getting paid for it?

He was perfect for the job, sexy face and the body to go with it. Big and beefy, dark and smooth, and a nice thick uncut Latino cock to go with it. Just the way we like them and just the way our bait boy likes them.

Jordan is becoming a pro at turning straight men and loving it. After stroking it for the camera Julian, our straight guy, was ready to bust. When we gave the bad news about the girls not showing up he still wasn`t leaving without getting some kind of action. Our slim and sexy Jordan offered to lend a hand and even a mouth. He was just hoping Julian wouldn`t get pissed and leave, because after sitting there and watching him stroke that thick Venezuelan uncut cock, his mouth was yearning for it. Who knows maybe he could get Julian so worked up that he would ram that big thick prick up his ass.