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This video was one close call! We thought for sure it would end up a good ass kicking for our cameraman or the bait sitting on the couch.

Some straight guys are just so sensitive when it comes to gay guys, but after being all worked up for some hot pussy a guy still has to get his rocks off.

Justin Maxxx, our straight boy, is one hot motherfucker, he`s ripped from head to toe and has a cock that`s so fat he can barely even get both hands around it.

Jamie on the other hand is our little rich mommy’s boy, going for a kind of nerdy look, but when he dropped his pants it made up for everything. At just 18 he still had a cute baby face, smooth body and one thick plump cock! We don’t think he even cared about getting paid, at his horny young age he just wanted some dick and when he saw Justin he wanted it even more.

We finally convinced Justin to give us a little more action though he wasn’t very nice anymore and just wanted to bust a nut, he gave us what we needed so that he could get paid. But did he give Jamie what he wanted?