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Our straight victim, Kenny Parker, is HOT and we mean HOT! He came in for his interview and told us all thing kinky things that he`s into.

We had him strip down and show us what he had to work with. Let`s just say he passed the test with flying colors! He is cute, tall, slender with a very big Dick. Now we just needed to set up our plan.

Riley Scott is our super HOT bait boy. This guy is sexy, filthy minded, and loves seducing straight men more than anything else in life. He loves sex and he has no problem having it. He's tall, tan, muscular blond jock boy next door with a big cock. He`s just what the doctor ordered for straight guy seduction. Let`s just see how he performs his duty.

After introducing our two hot stallions, it was time to see if they could perform. Mason Storm had them strip down to nothing and sit on the sofa together. Neither seemed to mind too much. We started talking about sex and pussy so that we could get our straight guy all horned up. Within minutes his cock swelled up and he needed something to stick it in.

When we told him the girls called and couldn`t make it and that he had only one option - he didn`t hesitate to take it!