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Krys Perez says he mastered four of the thirty two positions from the ancient Kama Sutra, and by the looks of him there will be plenty of pussy to help master the rest. He`s our STRAIGHT guy from Texas - a young, 21 year old mainstream model with piercing blue/green eyes and a beautiful body. He contacted our studio looking for some "fast money". He said he loves fat girls and of course we can accommodate - that`s because she`s not going to show up anyway! He told us that he`s had three ways with 2 girls, but never with another guy and girl - but for a few bucks he`d be up for it.

Well, when we gave Krys the news that the "girl didn`t show" he was disappointed, but quickly perked up with the news that we had an alternative for him - double the money for doing stuff with our BAIT guy, Tucker Forrest. When we asked him about ever having done anything with another guy he mumbled "no, but I`ve thought about it". We barely heard and asked again and he said "I think all guys have at least thought about it"... Oh really??? For such a young guy we were surprised by his openness. Without much ado, Tucker had this dude`s dick in his mouth and before long Krys was rock hard and saying "this guy can suck cock". When it came for the switch about, Krys had no trouble going down on Tucker`s big cock with gusto - he worked so hard at it and took that long, fat piece of meat so far down his throat that he started crying - his eyes were tearing and we had to stop shooting twice! Next step was a some penetrating action with Krys on top. He didn`t hesitate to let us know that he was a total ass man and he proved it with the hard, jack rabbit fucking he gave our BAIT boy, Tucker whose load he pounded right out of him. Check out the video - and don`t miss the post interview with Kyrs - it`s quite revealing. Check out Kyrs and his new Fleshjack video in the BaitBuddies.com blog.