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We were all atwitter this week in the studio knowing that famous straight porn star, and sometimes gay4pay, Kurt Wild was going to be the Bait in a twisted tale of Straight guy turns Straight guy, gay4pay. Kurt is a hot piece of ass with his cute boyish looks, slender yet ripped body and 8.5 inch long and very thick man sausage with a cute bubble butt hot for a fucking. Watch his horny eyes zero in on our Straight guy as he enters the studio.

Leo Forte, his first time in a video, lit up the room with his swarthy Latino looks, killer smile, muscular body, beautiful ass and thick 8 inch meat. He was fairly sexually experienced and had been in group scenes with multiple girls before, but we knew for sure he never contemplated that he would be switch-hitting for the other team within the hour.

When told that the girl didn`t show and that we could pay him double for a different type of video - he was interested. He guessed out loud that it might be a fetish thing. Well - not so much - our plans were to have him go gay4pay with Kurt Wild. He initially balked at the idea and there was a lot of Baiting going on without much luck. However, Kurt rationalized the concept of gay4pay for Leo- "It`s the same as guys who like watching two girls together. Well, girls like to watch two straight guys together also." And that sealed the deal. Now see what happens - you WILL get off on this very sexy Baiting!