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Logan is the lucky straight victim. This jock is packing one hot package that you won`t want to miss.

Starting with his cute baby face, tall built torso, nice hard ass, and a big thick cock! He is just what the doctor ordered! Totally straight and totally shy but I`m sure we can help him relax a bit.

Baileey is our lucky bait boy this time. He was getting tired of working in the studio and watching other guys turning out these hot straight studs so he figured it was his turn.

Baileey doesn`t miss a day at the gym. He loves to keep his body in shape and it shows. He has the looks to seduce almost any gay guy so let`s see how he does with the straight boys! Baileey put on his straight act and went right to work on this hunk.

Come watch the magic unfold as these two hot studs get down and dirty. Just how far is Baileey going to be able to push this young hot jock? Hopefully all the way to the edge! Brace yourself and get ready for a real treat!