Bait: Todd Bryant
Straight: Max
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This week’s lucky straight guy winner is Max. He is one huge guy with muscles bulging out everywhere.

His hair is jet black, dark eyes, and the cock, oh my god the cock! Just wait until you see this hunk of meat. Your mouth will be watering from the moment he drops his pants.

We never get tired of the variety of men who answer our ads. They come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention all nationalities. We love to introduce them into the adult world and most like the risk of doing it. The only hard part for us is convincing the straight boys into trying out a little guy on guy action. Once they try it I’m sure they try it again and again and again and again. They just hide it from their girlfriends and wives and the`re nothing wrong with that.

Todd Bryant is our new bait boy. This guy is hot and horny. At 23 his hormones are just raging and with his looks it’s not hard to get the guys. He just has a thing about seducing straight men. You always want what you can`t have. Or can you? Todd is has a seductive look. He’s tall, with a swimmer’s build, young looking face, and one dirty mind. If there’s one thing that Todd likes, it’s SEX!

Mason Storm is here to help out. She`s always good at getting the straight guys going. Let’s just hope she doesn’t get too frisky and forget that this guy is for Todd and not her.