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Maxx Trevor was hard up for some cash. So he answered an ad that he shouldn`t have. What he thought was straight porn was going to land him on hell of a blow job!

This guy was smokin`. He was so manly words can`t even describe. Maxx had a gladiator build, tall, big frame, broad shoulders, and muscles budging out everywhere. This guy was just what we were looking for.

We set him up with our jock guy, Ryan Woods. His body is just as good. He has more of your college jock look, with a swimmers build, sexy looks, and a nice thick, rock-hard, cock!

Mason of course was here again to help out. A hot girl in the room tends to tame the straight boys a little. Plus when they mess around with other guys, it makes them feel a little better that they have her as an excuse and not their own free will.

Come check it out and see what happens when these two studs find out the bad news...