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This week we had Nickolay Petrov show up needing to earn a quick buck and with a name like that this could only mean one thing. He`s Russian and he`s gonna be hung like a horse.

This guy was just too hot for words. He had a nice and solid body with smooth, silky, toned, skin. We just wanted to lick him from head to toe. While sitting down he kept looking out of the corner of his eyes at Dominic. We were beginning to wonder just how straight this guy really was...

Dominic Pacifico isn`t new to this. He has been on video before and has no problem showing just what he is packing. This guy is one sexy fucker. Check his eyes out while you watch him stroke that giant gift he was given. Dominic has one cock that will make you mouth water!

With the help of out lovely Mason Storm, just how far do you think we could push these guys? I’m not so sure we are going to have to do any pushing with the chemistry that seems to be unfolding between these two sexy bitches!