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Phenix Saint lives a double life and he isn`t afraid to talk about it. In his normal everyday life this tall, brown haired, brown eyed, ripped stud loves his women. He says he only fucks guys for money. Maybe he just hasn`t come to terms with himself to admit he REALLY likes guys but that`s why we`re here to lend a helping hand!

Tucker Forrest is back and he`s ready for more straight cock. Turning Phenix isn`t going to be too hard of a challenge since it`s not his first time but maybe he can talk Phenix into doing a little more than he`s used to...

These two studs hit it off well and before you know it Tucker`s chowing down on Phenix`s fat cock. But wait...Tucker throws a curve ball and shoves his cock down Phenix`s throat and you won`t believe what happens next...