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Well guys we`ve hit the jackpot again with our new straight guy - Romario! He is one true hunk and he knows it too!

Romario will blow you away with his sexy bedroom eyes, a body that is unreal, and a super fat cock! This guy is too hot for words. We couldn`t find a bait guy that would take the chance of getting beat up by this muscle jock so we had to have him do a solo for us.

Of course we were still going to push him to do some things that you average straight jock wouldn`t do. Well at least they wouldn`t do in front of someone else. Behind closed doors you would be surprised what we get these macho studs to do. From ass play, using sex toys, eating their own cum, to even trying to suck their own cocks, you name it we`ve had them do it.

Romario loved showing off his body and every piece of clothing he had one fit him to a tee. This guy has definitely spent some time in the gym. You won`t believe the rock hard ass this guy is carrying around you just want to reach out and smack it. Actually you caressing or smacking any part of his body would be a great pleasure.

Come check him out and watch in disbelief as this macho man pounds his meat, shows off his ass, and even gives us a little more than we expected! You will never forget this guy that`s for sure.