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We put Zack and Mark Angel together and what a mix these guys were!

Mark Angel from Miami is our bisexual pretty boy that we are using as bait to lure in our latest straight victim. Mark Angel was so excited about the whole thing. He just couldn`t wait to fulfill his fantasy of turning this young, beefy, straight-Adonis. We knew Mark would have no problem controlling this straight stud because with the manly muscles he has he could sure back a punch or wrestle this hunk of meat to the ground.

And then we have Zack our poor little straight victim. Let`s see where do we start? This sexy hunk from Orlando would make anyone want to drop to their knees and worship his hot-jock-bod and big, fat, plump cock. He is one of the most perfect guys we have ever had. He is tall, smooth, tanned, toned, and just fucking delicious.

When these two studs dropped their pants we got another big surprise, two thick, plump, rock-hard cocks just ready to dive into some action. Zack had been saving up his load all week so that he could tear some pussy up. On the other hand, Mark had a different set of plans for this straight cock. He wanted it in him and he would do anything to make this happen. Could he convince the straight boy to plow his smooth, tight hole or was he about to get his face plowed with a fist?