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The Kink Masters

This video features two cute fit dudes, Geo, the straight boy and Robbie our bi bait boy. Geo is 25, slender with a nice bod and a 7.5'' uncut cock. Robbie is just 22, part Puerto Rican and part German, he's also slender and fit with a 7'' uncut cock. And that's where the similarities end and their kinky tastes go in totally different directions. Geo tells us that he's totally straight, but he's also an exhibitionist who loves to have sex in public - beaches, cars, his balcony, a park, and his current girlfriend is totally into it. He also loves getting his girlfriend off. He says she's a 'squirter' and once she gets off, he can do what he likes with her. And, if that's not enough, she loves to play with his ass and uses anal beads on him. She shoves about 7 or 8 beads up his tight straight boy butt and then pulls them out slowly as he performs oral on her until she cums. They also go to Lesbian bars and pick up girls for threesomes. But, when Caruso asks him if they also pick up guys for a threesome, he says ''I'm not that open''... at least not for the next several minutes we think to ourselves. When it comes to the kinky stuff, Robbie, our bait boy chimes in with his own set of fetishes. For one, he loves to get his butt and thighs spanked...hard and rough...until they're red. And, he's also a 'grinder' - that's right, since he was a kid, he would grind on his bed, pillow, etc, until he came and he says he still likes to 'jerk off' by grinding. Robbie is totally bi, although he says he has much more experience with girls. But, today he picks up yet another fetish, having a dude cum on his face. After fucking Robbie, Geo shoots a big load on the boy's face and then Robbie jacks off until he cums. He later tells us that he loved the feeling of the cum on his face and would definitely like to try it again. As far as first time gay sex for Geo, it was a little rough. Caruso couldn't talk him into reciprocating much, he was only willing to return a handjob and do a little foreskin cock docking. No kissing (even though Robbie tried it twice) and no returning of the favor when it came to a blow job. However, Geo threw Robbie a very hot fuck and it all ended well with everyone very, very satisfied!