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''Try anything twice.''

Italian hottie Lucas is back, but he actually didn't come in to do a video. After his first gay sex experience at BaitBuddies.com with Bait boy Austyn and wanting a way to make lots of money, Lucas returned to talk to Caruso about making a career, at least for now, in porn. He had tried getting into straight porn, but it's very hard to get hired - you can imagine how many dudes would like to fuck as much pussy as they want and get paid for it - so he wanted to talk about gay4pay. He had told his gay buddies in Key West, where he works and lives, that he did a porn video and explained how it turned out that he had gay sex. No wonder there was a spike in site memberships from that area. Anyway, they told him about gay4pay porn, so Lucas called and asked Caruso about it. Caruso explained that he couldn't only fuck and get sucked or suck dick, he'd have to also bottom.  Caruso explained that he needed to practice at home and at least loosen up his hole with a few fingers and if that worked out OK, then to come back to the studio and he'd get him started.  So, Lucas did that and today he's here for us to make sure that he can bottom. Caruso had scheduled another model to come in, to help break Lucas in, show him how to prep and then make sure he could fuck himself with fingers and a dildo and then a big cock, but the dude never showed up. So, Caruso decided not to hold things up and asked Lucas if he'd be willing do it solo on video, fingering his virgin hole and then fucking himself with a dildo. Lucas was anxious to get going. Caruso showed him to clean himself out, something he normally leaves to the other models. And, once things got going, Caruso realized that it was a bit odd to be shooting a solo where a masculine, built straight dude is fucking himself with a dildo for the first time. It's a pretty personal experience and there was nobody else in the room between Lucas and Caruso. At the end of the video, Caruso makes a comment about that all - you can even tell from the back and forth that there was a lot of sexual tension in the room broken up at times with some joking from both guys. Once Lucas is fucking himself with the dildo for a while, Caruso asks him how it feels and Lucas replies ''It feels kind of good... but it hurts too''.  To finish off, Lucas lays on his back, with his hunky legs spread wide, the dildo shoved up and fucking his butthole as he jacks his big, thick cock to an explosive finish with hot cum covering his entire torso. Next we see him take a long sexy shower and then back for a chat with Caruso, who ends by asking him ''what would you like to say to the guys watching'', he answers simply ''try anything twice''... and he certainly did!