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''Landon's Girl''

If this week's straight guy, basketball jock and frat boy, Landon, isn't aware that his dorm buddy Jacobey, is ''a little light in the loafers'', then he's either very naive, in denial or never thought much about it. We think this 6' tall, blond hair, blue eyed, American as apple pie, boy next door just never thought much about it. They started out as roommates for a year until Landon moved into the frat house with his new 'bros' while Jacobey remained in the dorms.  After meeting Jacobey, we bet you'd never think this boy, raised on a horse farm, was a professional motocross competitor for 12 years and played baseball for 9 years. Although, when you look at his slender, but very fit body, you'd figure he had to do something to earn it. Well, straight boy Landon by this time knew that his buddy Jacobey was doing porn to make ends meet while he was still in school, but never figured out that it was gay porn. He is going to learn that the 'hard' way today. We wonder what he would think if he knew his buddy Jacobey loves getting fucked by straight guys, because he imagines the dude is fucking him like he'd fuck his girl and had the same fantasy about being ''Landon's Girl''. Instead, Landon is expecting to be doing a three way with one of those three to be some porn pussy slut.

Caruso tells them before he brings the girl in, they're going to need to strip down, jack their cocks and prove they can get hard in front of each other and the camera. Once nude, we're treated to two very sexy boys - our straight boy sporting a perfect 7incher while our bait boy is hung just a silly inch longer at 8. Both have the hottest, compact, bubble butts sitting a top very nice athletic legs. Jacobey is as hard as rock just taking peeks at his buddy who is taking just a little longer to reach his full potential. When both boys are hot, hard and ready, Caruso dumps a bucket of cold water - at least on Landon - when he let's them know that the recently tit pierced porn girl isn't presentable for on camera work and if they want to leave with a full paycheck, actually double the original amount they were promised, they'd have to have sex with each other. Jacobey is all go, but his buddy Landon is taken aback. You can tell just by looking - as Landon has gone limp while Jacobey's 8 inches looks harder and thicker than it did just a few moments before. We realize that Landon is going to do it when he says ''I'm not taking it'' which he explains to Caruso that he means up the ass. Jacobey then asks Landon if he can put ''just a little of his cock in his buddy's butthole'', but Landon is definitely not up for that either.  So, of course Jacobey (happily and enthusiastically) agrees to be the bottom. Watch Landon's face as his school buddy grabs his cock for the first time. We can't tell if it's shock or disgust, but as he leans his head back and closes his eyes, he relaxes as he realizes just how good it feels and he eventually returns the favor - stroking another guy's cock for the very first time. Next, Jacobey goes down on Landon's cock without prompting and without notice. Again, Landon looks like he's having second thoughts, but quickly gets into the blowjob. When it's Landon's time to return the favor, Jacobey tells us he's doing OK, but ''less teeth''. Next is the fucking and we think this is the hottest part of the video. It starts out doggy style and then goes to missionary - Landon is fucking his bud Jacobey and the boy is rock hard and loving every second. He keeps looking up at his friend - it seems in order to experience this maybe once in a life time sexual experience with someone previously untouchable that he's had the hots for over the last few years. As Jacobey comes closer to his climax, he wants to be fucked real hard, just like some piece of pussy Landon would fuck in his frathouse, so he encourages the boy to ''fuck me harder'' more than once - and Landon doesn't let him down. He power fucks Jacobey while the bottom boy strokes his big thick cock to an explosive orgasm, depositing a large amount thick, hot sperm all over his belly. Next, and this is really hot, Landon lays back on the couch and Jacobey takes the opportunity to throw his legs over his buddy's legs while he continues to jack off to get his nut. Landon, in full contact with his buddy, has his eyes squeezed shut - we can only imagine trying to conjure up his last pussy fuck - jacking like a madman until he sits up and shoots a load all of over Jacobey's belly and then, in a spontaneous, in the moment reaction, leans over and starts kissing his dorm buddy as his orgasm finishes rushing through his body. Jacobey got his fantasy, getting fucked like he was Landon's girl!