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Study Buddy and the Gigolo

Caruso gets an on line model application from this college dude named Joshua. Joshua is a cutie, pretty obviously gay, nice bod, big 7.5'' cock and pretty bright. He tells Caruso being a good student is how he became best friends with Jake, the guy in the dorm room across from his. Jake isn't a very good student, but he is a very hot straight boy, great body, big thick almost 9'' cock, handsome, real masculine voice and a bit rough around the edges. Jake only lacks on thing, a verbal editor, if he thinks it he says it - but things get even more interesting the more we learn. Jake picked up on the benefits of being Joshua's friend and pretty quickly makes him his 'Study Buddy' who winds up helping him through the next couple of years of school by letting Jake use his notes and as well as being his tutor. They became fast friends, best friends, and during that period Jake kind of pulled Joshua of his shell. He took him out partying and found that Joshua was good at more than school, he was a great wing man, picking up girls for Jake (not that he needed help) and watching Jake take them home and fuck them. Sometimes he watched, but most of the time he just went back to his room and jacked off to porn while wishing Jake was fucking him just like he was fucking the girl back in his own room. Joshua tells us that Jake has walked in on him while he was jerking off (he says to Jake ''that's why you need to knock''). Jake always suspected Joshua was gay, but found out for sure the day he walked in on him fucking some skinny dorm dude. Anyway, after coming across BaitBuddies.com, Joshua decided that this would be the perfect way for him to get into his best friend's pants and book a job while he was at it.   Next semester these buds are moving into an off campus apartment together and need their first month's rent plus a security deposit, so that's how Joshua convinced Jake to do porn with him. Now Jake is still under the impression, even though he knows Joshua is gay, that they're going to be doing straight pussy porn. So, he starts off telling Caruso that he fucks ''Sugar Mamas''  and when he inquires, Caruso finds out that Jake is actually a part time gigolo who fucks older women for $200, his 'sugar mamas' as he calls them, and he says they love it, especially when he ''goes hard in the pink'' - we'll leave that for you to interpret.  When Caruso realizes just how open and laid back Jake is and sees how he keeps looking at his buddy's cock, he gets right to the point of the matter and lets the cat out of the bag. Jake is a little put off by his best friend's little plan to get him in the sack, but the truth comes out that they were drunk and watching porn and jacked off together in the dorms and Jake was a little curious about gay sex. Anyway, Joshua reminds Jake that they need that apartment money and what the hell - so Jake agrees to it all. The boys start jacking each others cocks and you can tell Joshua is ecstatic and Jake is totally into it. He even bends over ands give Jake's should a peck as he stroking the dude's rock hard rod. Next step in Joshua's fantasy is coming true as he gets his mouth on Jake's almost 9 thick inches of stud cock and sucks and deep throats that meat like he's truly in love with the boy and the cock. Caruso says to Jake ''you look happy'' to which he replies ''nothing better than getting your cock sucked - how could you not smile''.  When Caruso tells Jake it's his turn to suck his future roommate's big cock, Jake says ''he's my best friend - I'm not sure if I can do this'', but he does and even though he can't deep throat, we all know that Joshua is enjoying this more than he could have even imagined.  Now it's time for the fucking. We initially assumed that it would be Joshua getting fucked by his doormmate, but Jake tells us his own ass is as hot as hell and that girls love it. He even let a girl play around his hole with a finger and he really liked the feeling.   Caruso asks Jake if he'd let Joshua fuck him and Jake just blurts out and asks Joshua ''Do you like my ass'' and Joshua says ''nice ass - really firm and tight'' and Jake say ''I have a very hot ass'' - pretty cocky, but you'll be in 100% agreement. Jake says ''I'll let him fuck me'' and Joshua replies ''I'd love to fuck my best friend''. Since Joshua was up to it, he did the previously unimaginable and shoved his fat cock up Jake's butt hole and fucked him pretty damn hard. Jake made him pull out initially as it hurt and he needed more lube, but you can tell this dude liked the idea, if not the feeling of getting fucked and was not going to give up. Joshua fucks him doggy style for a while and Jake is totally into it. They're talking dirty back and forth until Jake says ''I need to cum - where do you want me to cum'', Joshua says ''my face''. Both boys start jacking off, but Joshua can't hold off for Jake's facial and shoots his load which splatters on his torso, Jake needs some more stimulation so he pulls up some girls photos on his phone and jacks off and when he's ready to cum he leans over and pops a load on Jake's leg - the entire scene is fucking one of the hottest on the site. Don't miss ''After the Shoot'' when Jake and Josh talk openly about their experience and Caruso invites the 'Study Buddy and the Gigolo' back so that Jake can fuck his buddy for you guys and they enthusiastically accept!