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Finding the 'G' in Southern Gentleman

It's not often we find a true southern gentleman, the proverbial 'pastor's son' trying to break into the porn business, but our 20 year old straight boy Jake from North Carolina is one of those exceptions. At 6'1'', Jake is what you'd describe as a ''tall glass of water'' very good looking and charming with a slender toned body, smooth skin and a nice 8'' cock. Jake is a country/gospel singer who has toured the world multiple times performing. He tells us that he likes hot, rugged southern ladies who can going camping, ride horses and lead a genteel southern housewife type of life while still fucking like a whore in the bedroom.  Caruso pairs this hot southern boy up with 23 year old Billy, a cute blonde dude with a hot, compact body and a fat 8'' dick who's already experienced in the world of gay porn.  Billy is just aching to get his hands on our straight boy. He's hard as a rock from the minute he lays eyes on Jake, as he's into tall, skinny guys. He says the tall slender one always have big cocks and hot asses - and with Jake, that's right on. Caruso plays it cool as usual as he explains for Jake's benefit, that they both will have to strip down and prove they can get their cocks hard in front of the camera. Jake reveals his slender bod and starts jacking his soft cock, while Billy slips off his clothes to reveal his toned, nicely muscled body with his already hard, fat dick. Caruso tells the guys he's going to go get the girl, but returns empty handed once again. The girl can't do the shoot, so the only alternative if the guys want some cash, is for them to have sex with each other. Jake tells Caruso that he's not doing it. He says ''I'd rather go back home and cut some grass and trim some hedges''. Caruso points out that he won't make much money that way. . In the meantime, Billy is smiling and telling Jake that he needs the money and is willing to do anything to which Jake just responds ''There's something wrong with that''. But, soon enough he wants to make a deal with Caruso when he realizes that mowing lawns isn't too appealing or profitable... ''I'll try it, but if I don't like it I'm gonna stop''.  As Jake gets that last word out, Billy grabs his cock and Jake initially lurches back but eventually gives in to him and let's Billy stroke him and his big dick gets real hard, real fast. Billy then takes Jake's hand  and places it on his cock and Billy exclaims ''whoa, what are you doing'' but he does start to stroke his new friend's big hard cock ''It's a little wierd'' he says. Before long, Billy pulls Jake in for a kiss and Jake pushes away, but Billy is very forcefull and initiates a make out session which gets hot and heavy, lots of tongue and spit swapping. Jake is really getting into this gay sex thing. When it's his turn, Jake takes to cock sucking like a pro and eventually, after a discussion about the male 'G' spot, the prostate, and the joy it can bring a dude, he agrees to give up his ass to Billy. Billy isn't waitng for Jake to change his mind and dons a rubber real quick and pushes slowly into Jake's, hot, tight butthole. Jake says it hurts several times in the first few minutes and then finally says ''it kind off feels good now''. Billy fucks him doggy style and then finally on his back and pumps Jake until he says ''I'm fixin' to cum'' and shoots his hot southern boy load. Billy then jacks his cock and cums like a rocket all over Jake, from one end to the other, Jake even gets a little taste in his mouth. Caruso then asks Jake what he thinks about the sex. After finding his 'G' spot and the pleasure he got from it, Jake says he'd try it again. Don't ya just love them southern gentlemen!