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''Breaking in the Cowboy!''

The Rodeo is back in town, but this is a horse of a different color, in our story it's the cowboy who gets ridden. Yes, the hot, sexy cowboy with the eight inch cock from southern Georgia who breaks horses for a living, Dustin, has returned.  This time it's with a client of his, Alexei, who he's been teaching horseback riding to for a couple of years. Alexei, is a young 21 year old Russian boy who was born shortly after his parents immigrated from Siberia. He's tall and handsome with a very smooth, nicely built body which he says is from 17 years of gymnastics - plus he has a stallion size 8'' cock just like like our straight boy Dustin.  Anyway, here's how it happened. Alexei, who Dustin knew to be gay, approached him during a riding lesson and said he had seen him on a gay porn site (of course from his prior appearance on BaitBuddies.com). They talked about it and Alexei said he wanted to give it a try. We think it was more like he wanted to give Dustin's cock a try.  Anyway, he calls Caruso to set something up and within no time, Caruso flies the boys in from Georgia and directly to the studio where you'll see them stripped down with the cowboy pushing his protege to his knees for a blowjob. Alexei swallows up the masculine dude's thick cock like horse on a sugar cube. Dustin is anxious to return the favor and it looks like he's been practicing since his last visit - but doesn't want to say much about it. When the boys are ready to fuck, Dustin says ''I'll fuck you first, then you can fuck me''. What gay boy would turn that offer down???  You can tell Alexei is loving every moment of getting fucked by the macho cowboy he's lusted after for the last two years. Being so close to Dustin during his riding lessons, his tells Caruso that his dick would stay rock hard the entire time. Now he was really enjoying getting plowed by this straight boy - his moaning is truly lustful. Clipety-clop and Alexei is mounted in the saddle riding his new fuck buddy Dustin who can't decide whether to groan in pain or moan with pleasure. Later he tells us that it was both, basically ''it hurt so good'' especially when Alexei's cock hit that special place. A little way into the fucking, Dustin is saying ''It feels so fucking good... don't stop... deeper... fuck my tight asshole!''.  Alexei picks cadence up to a gallup, but can't hold back and almost cums in the rubber. Dustin helps him pull the condom off and within a second, Alexei is shooting his hot load onto Dustin's body. Dustin is now jacking his own cock and it doesn't take long for him to have a body wracking orgasm. It takes quite a while for Dustin's freshly fucked asshole and body to stop twitching and come down from that big first fuck high. Caruso asks him how it was and Dustin can only reply with ''I can't even talk right now''. The boys come together for a short, but very passionate kiss and then they are off to the showers... but not without Caruso following close behind with his camera to catch the conversation which is included in this video.  Ride 'em cowboy!