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Fantasy Fulfilled:  Hot & Humid with Cum Showers

No, 'Hot & Humid with Cum Showers' isn't a weather forecast obviously, but it does describe this weeks video. Cutie Bait Boy Andrew Collins returns this week to fulfill his fantasy. He told me that he had seen the original video featuring Jersey straight boy,Tony, and was totally turned on, first by his 'straightness' but mostly by his huge, explosive cum shots. Andrew loves when a dude splatters his face with a ton of cum and if he's the right mood - when he hasn't yet cum himself - he tells us that he loves most of it in his mouth. Caruso files this information away, but doesn't have much hope for a return by Tony. Yet, to his surprise three months later, Tony calls wanting to do another shoot as he needs to earn money for his girlfriend's birthday present.  Caruso asks him if he would get fucked for the first time on camera. At this point Tony tells Caruso that he decided to come clean with his girlfriend about having gay sex and says she wasn't appalled as he had thought, but was excited to try something new with him -  butt play. First she used a finger on him - then after he had a few drinks - a vibrator up his hole... and he kind of liked it. So, he is open to trying to bottom.  Caruso, remembering his prior conversation with Andrew, calls the boy and tells him to get ready to have his cum facial fantasy fulfilled with Tony. And that's how we find Tony and Andrew stripping each other down, getting ready for Tony's second time gay sex - this time as a bottom. The boys first swap blow jobs and Caruso is surprised at how good Tony's blow job skills have become and asks him if he's been practicing. In short order, the condoms and lube come out as the guys prepare to fuck. Andrew is sitting on the couch with his rock hard cock standing straight up as Tony slowly sits down and impales himself on the real thing for the very first time. There's lots of moaning a groaning from newly cherry popped straight boy as this new experience transitions from pain to pleasure. Andrew is soon so overwhelmed from fucking Tony's hot, tight and straight virgin hole that he quickly pulls his cock out and tells Caruso he was about to cum, but didn't want to yet. After a short rest, Caruso suggests that they flip roles with Tony fucking Andrew this time. Tony likes to fuck, so he was right on Andrews cute butt, fucking him doggy style like some pussy slut. Then Tony flips him over on his back to finish him up missionary style. It doesn't take too long for Andrew to scream that he's cumming as shoot his load up onto his belly. Tony then sits back and tells Andrew to play with his balls as he jacks off watching pussy porn on the studio monitor. It takes him a few minutes, but when he cums he doesn't disappoint and shoots pulse after pulse of some of the biggest cum showers we've ever recorded... all over Andrew's face and mouth. Fantasy Fulfilled!