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''Across the Threshold''

When these two 19 year old straight buddies walked into Caruso's office a good while back looking for work, he just couldn't believe that he hit the jackpot once again. Mishka, a U.S. raised Russian boy and his longtime friend Matt needed some money, so what better way to fill their pockets with cash than to do what any, healthy and horny 19 year old straight boys like to do - fuck pussy! Mishka is as cute as they come with his curly brown hair and a fit, sexy build, while Matt is your typical, blond hair, blue eyed teenager, who's just a few inches taller than his buddy. Caruso made up his mind on sight and doesn't waste any time as he sends the boys upstairs to Sylvia to get their paperwork done. After that's completed she delivers them to the studio set to do their first porn video - but little do they know that Sylvia is the last female they'll be seeing while making their first porn video at BaitBuddies.com. Caruso talks to them a bit on camera and learns they've been friends for quite a while, but they never fucked a girl together or jerked off together, but they do tell him that they each fucked the same sleazy girl one day after the other one did and both got an unpleasant surprise from her... an STD. Caruso also learns, that like many other young dudes, their standards for pussy aren't very high ''if she moves, walks and talks'' they'll fuck her... ''as long as she's not real fat''. Talk time is over and it's time to get the action going, so the boys strip down and we see that both have typical 19 year old bodies - they're just regular, sexy, straight teenagers looking to have a good time. Caruso tells them they need to prove they can get hard in front of each other as well as the camera, and just about before he's done telling them why, Mishka is already sporting a nice, thick 7.5'' boner. His bud Matt looks over and defeatedly says ''I'm a head taller than him and he's got a bigger dick''. So, now that the boys passed the camera test, Caruso tells them he's going to get the girl so that they can shoot the DP (double penetration) scene. Mishka and Matt continue to watch the porn and jack side by side, waiting in anticipation of fucking some hot, porn slut. But, Caruso has to disappoint them, the 'girl' didn't show up and there are no other girls available for them to do the fuck video with. But, he offers them the alternative - have sex with each other and get paid double the money. Mishka quickly says ''I'm not gay... I just can't do it''. However, Matt isn't so dead set against it and tries to convince his buddy, maybe with an ulterior motive, that they need to pay their rent, bills, etc and that it's not much different than doing a DP scene with a girl where their balls and legs would rub together anyway. Mishka keeps saying no, but Matt finally convinces his cute buddy to try it. So, Caruso tells them to lube up each other's cocks. Mishka is reluctant, but Matt is stroking his friend right away and finally Mishka returns the favor. We see a similar routine when it comes to the blowjobs, Mishka looks lost, and you can tell he never sucked cock before just by watching his frantic motions. Watch when Matt sucks Mishka - he's pretty good at it and he's unconsciously stroking his own hard cock while he sucks his friend's dick... we wondered what was up with that. One of the hottest things to watch is the kissing. Caruso tells the boys to stand up and do some cock fighting and then eases them into some kissing. The first time, the boys only peck each other's lips, so Caruso pushes them to do more. The next attempt is a little better, but Caruso keeps pushing until there's some real tongue action and for some reason, although it's very short, it's just super sexy to watch to friends make out for the first time! Next up is fucking and Mishka is very clear ''I'm not getting fucked!'' So, his good friend Matt saves the day and the buddies go about trying their very first gay butt fuck. It's great to watch as Mishka struggles to get his big cock inside his buddy's tight, virgin hole. So, Caruso tells Mishka to get Matt on his back and try it that way. After some more fumbling, Matt just has to tell him ''just shove it in''. Finally Mishka is able to pop Matt's cherry and the newly deflowered boy groans from the initial pain - but soon is calling out for Mishka to ''pound me with your cock!'' But, Mishka just can't get the hang of it and is tired of trying to poke his buds bung hole. So, Caruso has them both lay back and do a side by side buddy jack off session which is very hot. The teens are then dismissed to the shower room where Caruso films them as he asks them some questions. He wants to know if they would do it again and Mishka answers for both of them, ''if the money is right... we've already crossed the threshold''. It's been a while since this video was made and Caruso pushed them ''across the threshold''... well both boys decided that doing gay4pay wasn't too bad, felt good and was very lucrative, so they have been keeping busy doing several more videos for other studios. Two more gay4pay stars are born at BaitBuddies.com!