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 A Solid 7

'A solid 7' has nothing to do with dick as you'd think it might- but we'll get to that later. Yet, when it comes to dick this week, we're talking about two solid, hard and thick 7.5 inch cocks. The first we find on our straight boy, Dillon, a Marine from Virginia who says he's been interested in doing porn since the age of 13! And, this cocky young man says he has the body and cock to back that up. He sure does, his Marine training has molded every part of his 5'5'' compact body just right and like most 20 year old guys he has plenty of ink, which makes him even sexier. Caruso finds out that one interesting  tattoo is written in an 'alien' language called 'Forerunner' from the popular video game Halo, a direct influence of him being an avid gamer.  Anyway, the guy is total hottie who has fucked plenty of pussy - even on the beach when he was in high school he tells us. Caruso pairs him up with a new Latino bait boy, Lyle. Lyle also has a real nice 7.5'' cock and if you love uncut pieces, then your mouth will water when you see this one. Just a cute teenager at 19, this boy is hot, his real nice bod sports a firm, round, fuckable, bubble butt. He first tells Caruso he's not all that sexually active - which we find difficult to believe - especially when he tells us that he fucked a dude on the 18th hole of a golf course - how's that for a hole in one!

The boys are stripped down naked on the couch and in no time they're both sporting rock hard boners. Oh, make sure you keep an eye on Dillon, watch closely when gets up a few times at Caruso's behest and then sits back down on the couch next to Lyle - you can see he is probably thinking ''why the fuck is that dude sitting so close to me when there's plenty of room on the couch'' as he tries to move as far away as possible. Since there's really no room for Dillon to move any further to his right, on two occasions he tries pushing a small pillow over to give himself what he thinks is a couple more inches of buffer from Lyle. Little does he know that they'll be getting much closer in a few minutes - and not from the DP (double penetration) with a girl that Caruso promised him.  The two boys sit stroking their big cocks when Caruso returns to the set empty handed and delivers the bad news about the girl cutting herself on a broken light bulb and is unable to perform on camera today - and he can't find another girl for the shoot. We all know that the alternative is...sex with each other or go home as broke as they were when they arrived. Of course, Lyle who is in on our set up from the beginning is more than willing to give gay sex 'a try', but Dillon - our straight Marine - not so much. However, with some time and convincing and the lure of a lot of money, he's willing to give it a shot. The boys start by stroking each others big cocks, then some cock sucking and a very hot kissing scene. Watch how Dillon's entire being actually stiffens up from the shock of Kyle, a dude, pulling him in for a kiss. After several seconds of kissing you'll see Dillon's body relax into Lyle as he forgets himself during his first gay make out session - it doesn't get much hotter than this! It's time for fucking and Kyle is more than ready to sit right down on that thick tool and start humping Dillon. You can see Dillon looking up at Kyle in amazement as he hears the teen moaning from the pleasure being provided by his own big cock.  The guys change positions with Kyle on his back and Dillon hunching his thick dick into his now hot, sweaty hole until he literally fucks the cum out of the boy. A few more thrusts and Dillon pulls out and shoots his load onto the teens smooth, firm belly. With the scene shot and the boys showered and cleaned up, Caruso has some questions for them. He asks Dillon, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this experience - Dillon thinks for a couple of seconds and answers ''a solid 7''.  Well, we think this scene is a solid 10!