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''Oh my gosh!''

When girls get a glimpse of our straight boy's thick 9'' cock, they gasp out ''oh my gosh!''... and so do we!. At 6'5'', this lean bodied pro tennis player from Virginia, Hunter, is a big boy no matter how you look at it. When Caruso asks what qualifies him to be a porn 'star', he promptly and without much thought replies ''I have a big dick'' - and nobody can challenge that fact! Even at 5'11'' our first time Bait boy Remi looks like a 'mini-me' next to Hunter. Remi is a cute gay boy from Philly who submitted a model application through the BaitBuddies.com website and was lucky and cute enough to be selected by Caruso for a shot on the set with a straight guy. Remi gets very excited when Caruso describes Hunter, the straight dude he'll help Caruso turn out - especially when he gets to the big cock. So, the boys are introduced and it looks like Hunter might think Remi is a bit light in the loafers - of course he's right. But, since he's here to make some pussy porn he just seems to let that thought go.  Caruso gets the guys naked and stroking and Remi can't seem to take his eyes of the object of his desire - Hunter's huge 9 incher.  Once Caruso sees they're both boned he takes off to get the 'girl',  but is soon to return with the bad news - she's not available for the shoot. At least one guy, Hunter, is disappointed - but Caruso tells him there is a way he won't have to leave the studio without getting paid - he can make double the money and all he has to do is have sex with Remi. Of course at first like all the straight guys, Hunter tells Caruso he's not into that stuff, but like most of them Caruso is able to talk Hunter down and he soon agrees to give it a try. To ease Hunter into his first gay sex experience, Caruso has the boys jack each others cocks.  Remi's hand barely fits around that soda can thick cock of Hunter's. And watch how Hunter is mesmerized by his hand stroking another dude's cock... until he realizes he's staring at Remi's penis and quickly looks straight ahead once again. Caruso ups the action and  moves the boys to cock sucking. Remi just about has to unhinge his jaw to suck that mother of a cock, but he's not complaining. Caruso asks Hunter ''is he as good as a girl'', to which Hunter replies ''he's better''. They switch places, but as soon as Hunter starts sucking Remi's smaller 6.5'' dick, we hear ''ouch, no teeth'', which is nothing unusual for a first time, inexperienced cocksucker like Hunter. We move on from the sucking to kissing - and as Remi pulls that giant of a boy into him for a little smooching, Hunter pulls back a bit. But, Remi keeps at it and Hunter falls into an extended, tongue and everything, make out session and appears to really be all in and enjoying himself. But, the romance is soon over as Caruso offers up Remi's ass to Hunter - it's time to fuck. Hunter dons a Magnum, lubes it up and is ready to fuck. Remi is so obviously hot for that stud's huge rock hard dick that the boy virtually disappears all 9 fat inches up his hole like he's performing a magic trick - and fucks it for all he's worth.  Now Remi is flipped on his back and we see Hunter putting all his pussy fucking experience to use as he rams that monster cock into Remi's hot, slick hole with abandon.  This puts Remi in a state of ecstasy and between the moans, he tells us how good it feels. It's not too long before Remi is unable hold back and screams that he's cumming which only encourages Hunter to pound his hole harder - as if that's even possible - as Remi spurts his load all over himself. Hunter now rips off his giant sized condom and beats his huge slab of man meat until he splatters Remi from head to toe with his hot, straight boy gravy!  Oh, and be sure to watch ''After the Shoot'' where we learn a little bit more about the guys. Hunter tells us about the circle jerks of his younger years and how the other boys were envious of his big cock - he even tells us that he let two curious boys feel his cock up to see what it's like to have such a big one!