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''Better than a Dildo''

We're first introduced to Al Carter, our returning straight dude. Al is for sure a hottie, a construction worker who has put on quite a bit of muscle and ink since we last saw him in 2010. He left his construction job because it was getting too physically tough on him - too many injuries he tells us and was looking for some additional porn work (he's been doing gay4pay stuff ever since we last saw him) and some fast cash, so he called Caruso and said he was up for 'whatever'. Caruso and Al reminisce a bit about his last appearance on Bait Buddies several years ago, where we made him fuck a dude for the first time. Al is very easy going and if you pay him enough, he's up for just about anything when it comes to sex these days, but he lets Caruso know that he's strictly gay4pay, otherwise he only fucks girls. He tells Caruso about his new butt tattoo, so Caruso asks Al to show it to him. Al plays it a little coy, but then sexily pulls down his pants and shows us his hot, muscle butt with his new and pretty large tattoo. Al really knows how to use his sexuality and he's very flirty with a great upbeat personality. Caruso tells Al about Jude, our beefy, fair skinned, ginger, straight boy with a big firm bubble butt, who he wants Al to fuck. Caruso's pretty confident that Jude will be into it, because on his model application, under ''craziest thing you tried sexually'', he says his girlfriend tried butt play with him. Jude later tells us himself that ''she put her finger in and then slowly started to move it in and out as I jacked my cock, then she went faster until I came... it felt really good!''. The boys are introduced to each other and the conversation quickly turns to sex and we find out Jude's girlfriend is cool with him doing straight pussy porn today and the proceeds to talk about his finger fucking and dildo experience with her. Caruso and Al get the conversation around to the guys having sex with each other - for double the money. Jude says ''I'm straight and all'' and Al tells him he's straight too, but ''money talks''. So, with just a little more prodding, Al says ''OK, I'll try it out'' - he says he's never done anything with a dude before, he never even jerked off with a buddy or anything. Out of nowhere, apparently to get the action started and the mood right, Al says in the sexiest way possible ''wanna see my ass tattoo''. Al pulls his pants down and once again displays his hot ass, this time to Jude, who tells him that it looks good - the tattoo that is. Caruso then asks Jude to show Al his ass, and what a hot bubble butt he has. Al slaps it and we can see that damn thing is rock solid. The boys strip down and Al shows off his spectacular abs, and we also finally see the sexy, full beefy, musculature of our ginger straight boy Jude. Then Caruso tells them to just ''do what you would do with a girl''. So, they start off with some kissing, and then Al tells Jude to suck on his nipples like he sucks on his girlfriend's tits. They fool around with some mutual caressing and then Al gets down to business giving Jude his first gay blow job. But, as much as Al tries he just can't get the straight boy hard. Caruso inquires as to why this might be and Jude says he doesn't know why, but he's very anxious and can't seem to relax. Yet, when it's his turn to suck Al's cock, he goes to town, even deep throats the dude! OK, so it's time for fucking, but Caruso doesn't just come out and tell Jude he's getting fucked, instead Caruso and Al talk in round about terms like ''we're going to give you the real experience''. Jude is a bit miffed about what's going on, until he sees Al getting ready to slip a condom on his own cock Then it dawns on Jude that he's getting fucked, so he says ''but I'm straight''. Caruso just blows by the comment and tells him to lube up his butt ''didn't your girlfriend use lube when she finger fucked you'' he asks. ''No, she used spit''. For this fucking Caruso suggests he lubes himself up good. Al goes slow and Jude is loving it from the beginning. Al starts going deep and Jude asks him to just fuck with the tip of his cock. Al tip fucks him for a while, but Jude's ass is too hot and tight, so he starts pounding the boy and Jude is loving it. Jude keeps saying ''it's better than a finger... it's better than a dildo... it feels good!''. As Al fucks this first timer, he asks ''you like my nice hard dick in you... you want it hard now?'', to which Jude answers in the affirmative and Al complies by picking up the pace and pounding harder. It's now time for a new position, so Al flips him from doggy to missionary, pushes his hunky thighs and legs back and shoves his cock into Jude's deflowered hole and continues pummeling that big, beefy virgin bubble butt until he can't hold back anymore. He rips the rubber off and tells Jude he's gonna cum on his cock and balls and he does just that and then rubs the cum into the boy's penis. Jude wants to get off real bad, but his anxiety problem really screws things up and Caruso has no alternative but to end the action and send the boys to the shower to clean up. No matter - because we're pretty damn sure you'll love this flirty, sexy, hot scene between two straight men.