Straight: Skye Blue
Straight: Ryan Price
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''Total Recall''

Two straight guys, both new to appear in this scene. Skye is a longish haired, scruffy looking 23 year old dude with beautiful blue eyes who really surprises us as he strips down to reveal a perfectly proportioned body - great musculature, six pack and all with just the right amount of hair in just the right places and a thick, around 7'' cock. On the opposite end of the couch is Ryan, a 19 year old, clean cut dude with short brown hair - whose 6' height makes his naturally beefy body sex as hell. Ryan has a big 7.5'' cock which is fairly thick in circumference.  Both boys believe they've been hired to shoot a straight pussy porn video. Caruso questions them about their sexual experiences and finds that Ryan has never been in a threesome while Skye has, but only with two girls. So, Caruso explains that today they will be both be fucking the same girl at the same time.  Ryan remarks ''a 3-way with another guy - it would be a little weird''. But, the guys are plenty horny from watching the straight porn playing on the studio monitor, they're hard and ready for just about anything, even a 3-way with another dude... except for when the girl doesn't show up and Caruso offers them double the money to have sex with each other. Both guys have the same reaction, they stand up and get ready to leave. They tell Caruso they came to fuck pussy - not each other. You guys know how it usually goes from here - money talks and the straight guys rarely walk. And, that's the case again this time when they both tell Caruso that they're at least willing to try. Beginning with the easy stuff, Caruso tells them to jack each others cocks - both guys are still rock hard and seem to be liking it well enough. Caruso says to Skye ''you're smiling'' to which Skye responds ''it feels good'' - of course it does - what did he expect. Caruso then points out the guy and girl kissing on the porn video and tells the two boys to kiss each other like they are.  We only get one small peck, so Caruso tries to push them to make out, but all we get is a second extended peck on the lips. These two straight boys are not getting into a make out session, no matter how hard we try. So, onto the blowjobs, as Caruso tells them they can't stand around all day jacking each other off. Ryan volunteers to be the first up to bat and starts sucking Skye's thick dick, but little more than the head goes in his mouth. Caruso asks Skye to tell Ryan what to do and he prompts the boy to ''take it deeper'' - and that he does. He really goes to town on Skye's cock until the boys change places, so that Skye can return the favor. It appears that Skye is a quick study and doesn't repeat the shallow blowjob mistake, but goes down on Ryan's cock like a pro - you can tell Ryan is enjoying it by the moans that keep escaping his lips and gets Caruso's approval ''it's impressive'' he says of Skye's blowjob.  It's time to move to fucking and Ryan has already let us know that he's not taking a cock in his ass, but Skye is willing to take one for the team - a decision he soon will regret. Skye gets into the doggy position and Ryan inserts his 7.5'' lubed cock into his virgin hole and the howling starts as that big cock is plunging into him. Skye is grimacing and says ''it hurts too bad''. Caruso has him flip over on his back to try the missionary position to see if it's better. Ryan just starts fucking him and you can see he's having a tough time getting used to being fucked as Skye keeps screaming out ''Dude... Fuck Dude''.  Caruso tells Skye to jack his cock ''it will feel good'' and Ryan just keeps humping the dude's ass mercilessly until he's ready to cum. Both boys start jacking their cocks while they watch the pussy porn playing in the studio. Skye cums first shooting his load up onto his, hard, flat, hairy belly. Ryan is jacking like a maniac and finally shoots his load pretty far up Skye's sexy torso. Caruso complements them on their ''porn star cum shots''.  After the boys clean up and shower, they're sitting on the couch with Ryan seemingly in a trance, so Caruso says to him ''you look very pensive''. Ryan replies ''I'm trying to slowly erase everything that happened''. Unfortunately for Ryan, erasing memories only happens in the movies - he's going to have 'Total Recall' for a long time to come. Actually, in the end both boys agree it wasn't that bad, but would only do it again for cash.