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''Magic Dick''

Well, there's a ''Magic Mike'' as we know, but there's nobody named Magic Dick in this video. Magic dick is what some girl (or as he refers to them - a conquest) calls our cocky New York straight boy, J.D.. He self describes as a tall, hung, Latino playa and tells us girls want a playa, but they just won't admit it. Well, J.D. sure fits the description - at 6'2'' he's all slender ripped muscle with green eyes, jet black hair and a HUGE 8.5'' cock. He loves fit hispanic girls, says he fucks all of them in the butt with that big piece of meat of his and once stripped down is as hard as a rock in no time. Caruso pairs this hot stud with a returning straight boy, Trit. Trit tells us that he's with the same girl as he was a year ago and further reveals that he was really into experimenting with anal penetration that he showed her his video from BaitBuddies.com ... she was all about it. Soon enough she as fingering his hole and eventually she moved on to shoving her own jack off dildo up his butt - and he loved it. So, Trit contacts Caruso and tells him it's time to try the real thing. Little did he know that his first time would be a dude who had a cock one and half inches longer than the biggest dildo he ever tried. When Caruso tells him this he just says ''I'll try it'' - apparently he's horny and anxious enough to get fucked by this yet unseen straight boy's big dick. OK, both boys are stripped own and hard and Caruso tells them to continue to watch the pussy porn and he'll bring the girl back. Minutes later Caruso returns with the bad news, the girl had poisoning and there's no one else to do the video. But... he does have an option so that they can all make some money, and J.D. is now curious as to what this option entails. When he hears it's having sex with Trit, he just says ''No, no, no... absolutely not''. Caruso asks him if he ever thought about having sex with a dude. J.D. tells him that there were times when he's been horny and drunk and thought it would be easier to call his gay neighbor (who had eyes for him in the laundry room) and fuck his face. He says he'd save time and money by not having to go to a bar to pick up a chick. But, he's never acted on it.'' Caruso convinces him that doing it with a dude doesn't mean he'll go home as a gay man. So, J.D. finally says ''I'll try it, I don't know if will work'' pointing to his now deflated cock. Caruso gets going quickly and tells the guys to stroke each other's cocks. Keep an eye on J.D. - he won't look at Trit while he's jacking him, but prefers to focus directly on the pussy porn. Caruso soon asks J.D. if Trit can try blowing him. J.D. says to Trit ''you sure you want to do it'' to which Trit replies ''I'll give it a try'' without giving away just how hot he was for that extra sized Latino penis. Trit goes to town on J.D.'s cock and is soon getting most of the 8.5'' down his throat and J.D. looks like he's into it. Caruso asks ''how's he doing'' and J.D. in a dreamy voice says ''it's nice''. It's time for J.D. to suck his first cock and he's ready, but he first attempts to suck Trit's 7.5 inches without using his lips or tongue - the strangest bj we've seen. Caruso is not letting this pass as a blowjob and orders J.D. ''use your tongue... if your girl sucked you that way you wouldn't be happy'' and J.D. complies. He not only complies he really starts getting into doing a top of the line blowjob. Caruso now has them stand up and rub their cocks together which gives Trit the opportunity to pull the much taller J.D. into him for a kiss. Like most straight boys, he lurches back at the first attempt and then before you know it they're lip locked with tongues passionately exploring each other's mouths. When the kissing finishes up, Caruso asks ''ready to fuck'' and J.D. quickly says ''he has a nice ass for a dude'' referring to Trit. First, Trit sits on his first real cock and slowly absorbs it up his virgin hole. In a few minutes he has it all inside. If you want to know how he's feeling - just look at his face - oh yeah -he's liking it. They fuck like that for a while and finally Trit is on his back with J.D. pumping his 8.5'' playa cock, a cock that's seen a lot of pussy and ass, back into Trit for all it's worth. Trit moans with pleasure until he can't hold back and shoots and big load will J.D. keeps pumping his fuck stick into him. J.D. hits the edge, rips off his Magnum and jacks off a rocket of a load all over Trit. When things cool down a bit, Caruso asks how it was - ''awesome'' says J.D. And don't miss ''After the Shoot'' where J.D. talks about his new homo experience as well as his gay neighbor.